Summer has begun

So even though only a few days ago I was riding an elephant in Kanchanabari Province in Thailand it seems that my summer has officially just kicked off.


Classroom is cleaned up, books are returned, grades are done, things are good. I have some big summer plans! Not really, but this is the first summer in a while that I don’t, and I am equally excited about the down time. Also will be heading up to Long Beach, NY for a few weeks with Steph for great relaxation and beach time, hopefully we’ll have some waves too, but I’ve been real unlucky lately. Here’s a pic from our last trip. Don’t think for a second that Long Island beaches aren’t the best in the world.


I’ve already added some upgrades to the house and the hammock is set up nicely for some serious reading sessions of a undoubtedly “Nobel” lineup. It’ll start with a 4 book line-up that were gifts from John Prendergast and Don Cheadle’s non-profit Enough. Then I’ll finish up Jay-Z Decoded and my head will spin around like a whirlwind trying to make sense of all the lyrics I’ve been able to recite for the past 10 years. Then I’ll be watching the season of Brave New Voices, a reality show based in a US high schools of kids competing for a Slam poetry contest and a spot on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam. We will be doing a Slam contest at next years One World Symposium.

Also life training and fitness will be a main focus for my summer off. Here’s my summer kickoff workout, gonna be a rough one because of the heat.

Two rounds for a time:

3 Static Line Attempts

10 pullups

20 burpees

30/60/90 decline sittups

2 mile run

This will be followed by about 30 minutes of handwork on the Wing-chun dummy and 30 minutes of heavy bag striking


Live it up

Follow your dreams

Help people along the way


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