First writing in Buenos Aires

argentine church

Done with exploring around I found myself at this gorgeous old church. I sat down and started to read Mark Winter’s, Long After Midnight at the Nino Bien: a Yanquis missteps in Argentina, which was assigned to our students as summer reading. A really fun book, that will certainly catch the kids attention when it discusses the authors understanding of Tango and its sexually persuasive powers!

As a global studies teacher at TGS, I have the very amazing responsibility of making sure that our school’s goal of cultural immersion is done appropriately and anthropologically. Through our weXplore program, global studies students will take full advantage of our place-based curriculum connecting history and anthropology content into our field experiences. And, of course, document their journey with technology and communicate it through social media. My goal is to teach my place-based curriculum of Argentina through the lenses of Gender in Tango and Soccer, Government and Women’s Rights, Class Struggle and Populism, and Conflict and Colonization.

In order to teach these concepts, I have to delve deeper into these topics on my own to find meaningful experiences and field trips that we can take on. Living in Recoleta, close to the La Boca barrio, heralded for its milongas (tango dance halls), of course my journey would start with the Tango.


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