Lessons from La Biela


Both the teachers and students of the 9th and 10th grade embraced the TGS mottoes of cultural immersion and place-based learning during week two of school. As teachers, in beautiful Recoleta, we are quickly taking advantage of the learning opportunities that are present all around us. After spending a morning outside at La Biela, eating medialunas and drinking coffee, Mr. Austen and I started planning how we could best get our students to enjoy a similar experience.

Mr. Austen, in Literature class, decided that he wanted to teach Funes the Memorious, one of Jorge Luis Borges’ most well known stories, to the students in the very place that Borges was probably sitting while writing it. Borges was known for spending his mornings at La Biela writing and pondering the deep questions of Argentine identity, memory and the concept of the infinite. La Biela, takes pride in their connection to the Argentine literary giant and have a table set with a statue of him and Adolfo Bioy Casares, another Argentine writer. The students then worked to create their own Borges-style short story which will be presented this week.

In Science class, Mr. Garvey had them use their iPhones to research the differnt biomes of Argentina. The students worked with Mr. Garvey to create the scripts for their tourism videos that will showcase the different regions that Argentina has to offer. They also looked deeper in the socio-cultural connection between the land and its inhabitants. The students will be working on these videos throughout this week.


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