Post-Enlightenment Revolutions Unit


The students looked at a number of different 17th and 18th Century Revolutions and made the connection to how the related, inspired or effected Argentina’s Revolucion de Mayo and their war for Independence from Spain. Here’s what they created.

Recipe for Revolution:

  1. Maltreated people, no rights, freedom, independence, fairness
  2. Great idea
  3. Leader or a democratic council
  4. Book/Letter/Newspaper/ YouTube/ Facebook/Blog
  5. Plan for action
  6. End goal accomplished
9th grade Prezi’s

Haitian Revolution by Paul and Sydney –

French Revolution by Cami and Yodsel –

Venezuelan Revolution by Fatima and Tiana –


10 Grade Prezi’s

Industrial Revolution by Joseph and Linhan –

American Revolution by Hudson and Becca –

Decline of the Spanish Empire by Liisa and Melissa –

French Revolution by Gawa and Samhaoir –

Haitian Revolution by Alejandro and Isaac –

Venezuelan Revolution by Hannah and Yuan Yuan –



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