Model United Nations at TGS


Today, in our second Model United Nations meeting, club leaders Hannah, Megan and Charis taught the group some of the basics of how a MUN conference is run. Hannah ran through some key terms and phrases that all MUNers should know and understand, while Charis and Megan role-played what a delegation might look and sound like. After a brief showcase, the girls divided our group according to nation of origin and had them discuss what would be our first “issue.”

Stemming from such a diverse bunch of countries, students represented ten different delegations (USA, Australia, New Zealand, Bhutan, China, Canada, Morocco, Germany, Thailand, Ecuador). However, with limited knowledge on MUN protocol and government policies, we began with an “issue” that was both goofy and thought-provoking. After hilarious suggestions of Team Jacob VS Team Edward, and sentiments towards the Biebz, the chair was forced to make an executive decision…




China (Linhan)– In a 1v1 battle Superman wins every time

Thailand (Yada) — what about the capabilities of Batman’s technology?

China (Linhan) — Are you aware that the Thai delegates cannot go outside of the boundaries of the writings of DC comics

Canada (Isaac) — Superman can fly … open to any and all questions

Thailand (Charis)– Is the delegate from Canada aware that Batman’s technology also allows him to fly as well.

Bhutan (Yodsel) — Is the council aware that Batman has a butler, so he is not alone? Also is the council aware, that Superman wears his undergarments on the outside, thus showing he is socially unfit to be a superhero.

Germany (Paul) — Are you all aware that I have no idea what you are talking about.

United States (Sydney) – Are we aware that Batman is a human being, thus providing inspiration for the entire human race.

Delegation of Martino – Agrees wholeheartedly and wants to ask the Delegate of the United States if she agrees that Batman rocks?

Chair (Hannah) – recommends a motion to move to the voting procedure

Ecuador (Tiana) – Objects

Chair – Due to restraints of time your objection is denied

For the resolution “Superman is better than Batman” — 3 votes

Against the resolution  — 4 votes 

Abstain — 3 votes

Chair (Hannah) – With three votes for, four votes against, and three abstentions this resolution fails. Clapping is not in order.

(Everyone sighs in regret to not be permitted to clap)

What an awesome 2nd meeting!

Edited by Hannah and Martino


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