Today we went to the Boston Tea Party museum and put ourselves in the shoes of the Sons of Liberty, the group responsible for instigating and inspiring the masses before the American Revolution.

imageAngered by repeated taxation without any representation in the halls of Parliament, the colonists started to boycott, protest, and fight with the English soldiers and tax collectors. The Tea Act, although it actually made British tea cheaper, enraged the colonists and the Sons of Liberty secretly planned and carried out the first of many “tea parties” that swept the colonies.


Upon arriving at the meeting house, the students listened to the words of famous patriot, Samuel Adams. They acted out their assigned role in the rebelious act, they cheered “Aye!!” or “Huzzah” to show approval of his commentary! The negative response was to “hiss” or yell “Fie” when we heard talk of taxes or Governor Hutchinson or the King!


Then we disguised ourselves as Mohawk indians with a touristy feather, and marched out of the meeting house to the ships chanting “Dump the tea, into the sea!”

We learned about the mishaps that happened and how important it was to remain anonymous because of the severity of this treason! We dumped the tea, checked out the ship, and then proceeded through the museum to listen to Tories and Patriot’s opinions on the Tea Party, and saw one of the two surviving chests from the event.

All in all it was a great day of review for the both classes before they take their first assessment on Colonization and Revolution. The students enjoyed their day as Patriots!


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