Investigating Freedom and Equality in American History

Currently at THINK Global School in Boston, Massachusetts my students are learning about Freedom and Equality in the United States of America. We finished “Unit 1: New World to New Nation” which covered colonization through the US Constitution and discussed the importance of Thomas Jefferson’s ideal that ‘all men are created equal.’ In “Unit 2: Land of the Free, right?” we will investigate further the concepts of freedom, equality and the ‘greatness’ of the United States of America. We will analyze the hypocrisy of declaring all men equal and decimating Native American populations and enslaving millions of Africans.

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”– George Santayana

The goal of this unit is to learn about the past and make important connections to present day global issues. Students will think about the following comparisons:

  •  land acquisition and power: US Indian Removal policy of 1830 and the current Israeli/Palestinian conflict
  •  intended sacrifice: Custer’s Last Stand, Gulf Of Tonkin, 9/11
  •  slavery and intolerance: Transatlantic Slave Trade and Modern Day Human Trafficking

Here is the link to the Prezi for Unit 2.

Here is a video to document the use of some of the Global Thinking Routines from Harvard’s Project Zero. (Coming soon…)

For my blog on our work with Project Zero click here, or their website at


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