THINK Global School Goes Boxing

THINK Global School uses boxing as a vehicle to study American identity as ‘doers and fighters.’

IMG_2009The students in my global studies class looked at Americans as ‘doers and fighters’ in both positive and negative ways for our Unit Three theme. They were tasked with investigating American citizens or historic and cultural events to defend or defeat the concept of Americans as ‘doers and fighters.’ 


As a way to physically manifest this concept, I found a boxing gym in South Boston that agreed to teach our students ‘The Manly Art of Self Defence.’ Peter Welsh’s Gym welcomed us with open arms and taught us the basics of boxing and self defence. We applied the lessons learned in the gym to lessons in class regarding ‘doers and fighters’ throughout history and current events. Those lessons included:

  • Boston Marathon Bombings bostonmarathon
  • John F. Kennedy, #jfk
  • Current Events in North Korea with #nkorea
  • An overnight field trip to visit War of 1812 and WWII Battleships, #battleship
  • September 11, 2001, #sept11

IMG_2084We learned that the same skills needed to be a boxer were needed to be ‘doers and fighters’ in our own lives. The characteristics of determination, perseverance, and resilience are needed to create any change in the world.

TGS Goes Boxing

Unit 3: Self Defense Activity (THINK Spot)

Here is a link to see what the students investigated and created.


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