Be like water. – Bruce Lee

Overcome and keep flowing. Bend but never break. FIND A WAY. Someone once wrote that Earth is what connects us, but I prefer to think of water. From the highest glacial lakes of Bhutan in the Himilayan Mountains to the lowest and deepest oceans we find water. Frozen solid, liquid water, or gaseous oxygen. It’s everywhere. We learned today about incense feeding the spirit world and those beings without form. In actuality formlessness is water. The aim is to be formless in life and in martial arts. I’ve often taught students to not fulfill a stereotpye, never fill a mold. Yesterday at the Ugyen Wanchuk Institute for the Conservation of the Environment (UWICE) in Bhutan the director said “I am a lot of things not just a teacher.” Formlessness.


Continue to learn, grow, and involve yourself in things that make you unique. I am one of a kind because my life is my own individual work of art. I am excited to add new colors and shapes, meet new people and go new places so that my painting will never be able to be duplicated. I hope you can create your own masterpiece. Like the river water that passes us by or the wave that seems absolutely perfect or the drop of rain landing on the ground.

Be unique.
Be formless and adapt to overcome.
Keep flowing and bringing life to all things.

Name same kadrinchey.

Thank you beyond the earth and sky.

Bhutan 2013


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