Act. Long Beach, NY is where I’m from

Long Beach, New York


where I’m from.

People don't know that New York has some of the best beaches in the world!

People don’t know that New York has some of the best beaches in the world!

I wrote this piece after assigning into my students in Global Studies while in Boston, Massachusetts. We had read Steve Kugler’s book The Last Days of Summer, and had the pleasure of meeting him and discussing his wonderful book. The students of THINK Global School, each created their own allusion piece to explain where they are from. Working at this incredible school I have the honor of teaching students from all parts of the world ranging from Palestine to Silicon Valley, CA. The link will soon be provided for you to check out their pieces of work!

A huge thank you to everyone that I grew up alongside in Long Beach. We were all an integral part of each others development, for better or for worse! You are also probably the only people that truly understand this! 


Long Beach is where I’m from, it is a place …
where the boardwalk and the white sand beaches were my refuge and playground,
where walks on the beach and under the boardwalk weren’t just pick up lines and song lyrics.
where azores and capri were the best breaks in town, and surfing instead of eating for an entire day was normal
and where my big brother Joey had an italian flag beeper case, and the Godfather, Goodfellas and John Gotti ‘The Teflon Don’ made being Italian coolest thing in the world.
Long Beach is where you definitely took your licks but got to give some too,  you learned how to accept and dish out trash talk 24/7, and your wits were your real best friend.
where puking at hockey or lacrosse practice was expected.
where swimming the 500 sucked, and so did sprints with Big Hoff screaming “eskimo what?”
where Noel, Kelly, Bongo and Richie were my idols, and Mike and Adam were my brothers,
they called me Squints and looked out for me, they taught me to believe in myself and the power of work ethic.
my parents always pushed me to be something great, and being in NY watching the towers burn and fall taught me that I had to see the world in order to fully understand it.
it was here that i taught myself that I can do anything, that the nice guy never finishes last,
and no matter how far away I am, I will always have Long Beach sand in my shoes.


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