Learn. Constructing Essays

Writing a great essay is the same as building anything else; you must follow the process.

Writing a great essay is the same as building anything else; you must follow the process.

“Few practices are simultaneously as exotic and representative, esoteric and quotidian, instrumental and sensual, political and cultural as the Japanese tea ceremony. While most Japanese have never participated in a formal tea gathering, and to many its arcane procedures remain alien, the tea ceremony is all but universally recognized as a defining constituent of Japanese culture…” – Kristin Surak 

IB Social & Cultural Anthropology

  • “Making Tea, Making Japan” Ethnography by Kristin Surak, 2013.
  • Discuss deadlines and project.
  • Social Organization Prezi

Grade 9&10: World Wide Walkers

  • Field trip tomorrow (see Master Calendar dress appropriately)

I. Introduction

  • A. Thesis/Research Question: Paper writing is simple, when you are organized, well-researched, and follow the process.

II. The Preparation: For help use the Project Guide

  • A. Outline/Concept Map: create your own plan of action, what will your essay cover and how will it be formed.
  • B. Annotated Bibliography: Provide your preliminary ‘Works Cited’ page, with commentary on how each source will be used. For help with formatting a Bibliography consult the Online Writing Lab from Purdue University.

III. Structure and Quotations: For help use the Writing Guide 

IV. Bringing it home.

  • A. Conclusion: Wrap it all up beautifully and make sure that your essay answers/proves your research question/thesis. When you follow the steps of researching, planning and writing an academic essay you break a project down into smaller meaningful chunks of work. If you work hard at each of the parts your final essay will be well-organized, and make a clear argument.

For help with other pieces of this project see the Submission Schedule or the Project Rubric.



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