Learn. Ukraine. A quick overview of recent events

A very quick overview of the Ukrainian Crisis


Un-identified troops currently control the Crimean region of Ukraine, including two airports.

Here is a very simple overview of the events that led to the above image and the civil unrest and growing tension in Ukraine.

  1. President Yanukovich (now deposed) was supposed to sign an economic deal with the European Union (EU) that would closely link Ukraine with the EU.
  2. Russian President Putin has a meeting with Yanukovich and convinces him to change his mind and enter into a similar agreement with Russia.
  3. Ukrainians split between a desire to link with Europe and Russia.
  4. Ukrainians favouring European influence are upset and start rioting calling Yanukovich’s government a bunch of “cheap thugs”
  5. The now armed militia storm the parliament, and TV station.
  6. President Yanukovich flees to protect himself.
  7. The armed revolters seize control of Kiev and form an interim government.
  8. Ukraine’s names acting President Oleksander Turchynov.
  9. New government takes a hard line against Russian influence in Ukraine
  10. Propose new policy that makes Ukrainian the sole language of Ukraine
  11. Puts Russian speaking Ukrainians in a very difficult situation
  12. Russian residents of Ukraine in the Crimea region are worried
  13. Russian military moves un-identified/insignia free troops into Crimean region of Ukraine
  14. These unidentified troops control 2 airports in Crimean region
  15. President Obama warns Putin and Russia that it would bring on condemnation of the world. Ironically, just a few days after they closed the olympic games.

My two cents:

What scares me is the insignia free troops in Crimean region … without an identity these troops can operate free from any regulations and rules of engagement. I see it as an awfully shady move by Russia to move their troops and remove the Russian flag from their uniform. One that, in my opinion, should be viewed from the world as nothing but cowardly. While Crimean’s are happy about the troops presence to protect them from the “thugs” running the new government in Kiev, tensions are rising while the world watches.

For a close eye on the steps that unfold follow the BBC As it happened: Ukraine Crisis


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