Learn.Japan.Kamikaze Perspectives

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Hope you are pumped for a day out of school checking out the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force on Etajima Island. This building is equivalent to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland for you Americans, and is where young Naval officers come to school in Japan.

Why do you think it is called the Maritime Self-Defence Force instead of naval academy? 

Today our goal is to explore the different perceptions of Kamikaze pilots during World War II and beyond. 

You should all have your Iphone or Ipad, and your moleskin and a pen before entering the bus this morning. I would also click and open all of the links that you may need before leaving your hotel room tonight. 

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On the Bus Ride:

1. Quickly write down what you know about Kamikaze pilots and what their role was in WWII? What were they like?

2. After you have written down your preconceived notion of a Kamikaze pilot I want you to read about who they were. If you are the left side of the bus you will be reading the American Perspective, if you are on the right side of the bus you will be reading the Japanese Perspective. These sites will provide you with both characteristics and sources of those char

3. Optional: read one or two stories of your own choosing from the website.

When we get to the island we will either go to the docks or to the museum. If we have time to go to the docks first we will have a quick share session on what our views of the Kamikaze. If we go to the museum first we will have a 1 hour tour in Japanese with about 35 minutes in the museum.

In the museum our focus will be the Russo-Japanese War, the Sino-Japanese War and the Last Letters from the Kamikaze Pilots.

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Questions to ponder while in museum:

Why do you think their is a samurai in the intro video of the tour?
Why do you think there is so much calligraphy in a museum connected with naval officers?
What was Japan’s navy doing prior to World War II? 
Who was it fighting against?
What struck you in the last room dedicated to Kamikaze pilots?
It is my hope that you guys will be able to write a blog about your old and new perceptions of the Kamikaze pilots in World War II.
If you do this tag it #kamikazeviews 

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