Learn. Japan. Hiroshima: tragedy to triumph

Bali Sunset

Sunset in Bali, Indonesia

Welcome back from Spring Break everyone. I am sure that your vacation was excellent and relaxing. It is my hope that strong connections between wherever you were in the world and Japan became clear. And that you are one step closer to understanding that we are all the same, despite our differences.

Pep Talk: Our time is short in Hiroshima and the school year is almost complete. I am asking you for your very best effort and creativity for the next few months. Break off the shackles and let your brains fly, put in some hard work and then enjoy your summer. Repeat after me

“I will push the limits of my own potential before the school year ends.” 

Getting started:

  • Write a solid 140 character tweet about what you did over Spring Break.
  • Write a solid paragraph regarding the Peace Park Museum Field Trip and the Hibakusha speaker. (Hibakusha is loosely translated as bomb effected people).
  • Write another solid 140 character tweet making some connection between your spring break and Japan.

Global Studies 

Follow Up Video:


Let’s spend the class today looking at how Hiroshima rebuilt itself into the beautiful city we have been living in now. Tag this post #THePeace

Here are some sites to get you started:

Soc. & Cultural Anthro


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