Students Helping Honduras

My hands-down, all-time, favorite organization in the world is Students Helping Honduras. I cannot begin to describe to you the difference that this organization has made in the lives of my students, myself and numerous communities across Honduras. When going to do humanitarian work abroad we think we can help others, but in reality every humanitarian knows that the work you do abroad helps you grow, learn and understand the world a little better each time.

Plan a fundraiser or take a trip to meet the inspiring and amazing people and staff of Students Helping Honduras.

Big shout-out to my amazing friend Shin Fujiyama for all the amazing work he has done and continues to do in Villa Soleada and the rest of Honduras.  He is such a visionary, and such a wonderful human being that I am honored to call myself his friend.

Here is a video I made from a past trip with students from Mountain View High School in Stafford, Virginia.

Below you will find former Mountain View High School SHH Club President Kate Bessette’s study on the Garifuna Culture along the shores of Honduras


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